Cultural Revolution posters

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In an age when rebelliance was encouraged by the government, the posters, one of the mass publicity methods, were very different from what you usually see.

Sit back and learn more with the pictures!

Great Commander Chairman Mao, Vice Commander Lin, and King Norodom Sihanouk inspecting the revolutionary army   Long, long life of the great leader, great commander, great mentor, and great helmsman  
Transforming China with the spirit of Yu Gong   Chairman Mao and his intimate comrade-in-arms Lin Biao inspecting the cultural revolution army for the first time  
Revolution Committee is good   Invincible Mao Zedong Thoughts illuminate the art stage  
We will crash the "dog heads" of those who oppose Chairman Mao!   March on amid the great storms following the leadership of Chairman Mao  
Chairman Mao inspecting the Cultural Revolution for the fifth time
Great mentor, great leader, great commander-in-chief, great helmsman
  Chairman Mao is forever linked to our hearts Chairman Mao inspecting the cultural revolution army for the seventh time  
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