Cultural Revolution posters

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In an age when rebelliance was encouraged by the government, the posters, one of the mass publicity methods, were very different from what you usually see.

Sit back and learn more with the pictures!

Revolution model opera: The Red Detachment of Women   Revolution model opera: Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy  
Revolution model opera: On the Dock   Revolution model Opera: The Village of Shajiabang  
Revolution model Opera: White-haired Girl   Revolution model Opera: Ode to the Dragon River  
Let the new socialist art take all the stages   Chairman Mao and comrade Lin Biao inspecting a million of cultural revolution army on Tian'anmen Gate (Gate of Heavenly Peace)  
Long life the invincible Marxism, Leninism, and Mao Zedong thoughts!   Long life Chairman Mao Thoughts!  
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