Being a successful and seasoned militarist, Qin Shihuang, the first emperor who united China more than 2,000 years ago, decided to take his troops to the underground when the god of death took its toll.


The terra-cotta warriors and horses have always been a magnet for culture and art aficionados ever since its excavation in 1974. What on earth have made the pottery warriors so charming and attractive?


The underground army never ceases to stir up imagination and curiosity, and there are a number of unsolved mysteries or problems lingering around the terra cotta warriors and horses waiting for you to explore!


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High-ranking Officer

This is one of sevení░generalsí▒found in the terra-cotta pits the height, double-layered robes under a colorful fish-scaled armor, and a high headgear tied with ribbons under the chin. His shoes are with square opening and upward-bending tips. There are eight knots ma on the should de of ribbons to decorate the armor, three knots on the front plate, three on the back and one knot each.


Kneeling Archer

It is one kind of the armored infantryman. It was unearthed from the center of the archer formation, which is located northeast of Pit 2, The pose of both hands evidences that this figure held one crossbow originally. Altogether 160 kneeling archers were found in Pit 2.


A whole view of terra cotta warriors Pit One

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Bronze relief of chariot with Xi'an city wall as the background

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