The uniqueness, momentum, and individualities of the terra cotta warriors have contributed to its great charm, attracting frequent visits of important figures, who in return promoted the popularity of the museum.

At the first sight, you may think all the terra cotta warriors are made from the same model, but they were actually sculpted individually.

And there are more than 8,000 sculptures. Imagine how much work that should have taken!

The terra-cotta warriors and horses have always been a magnet for culture and art aficionados from all around the world ever since its excavation in 1974. What on earth have made the pottery warriors so charming and attractive?

Different people usually have very different understandings and feelings after watching the wonder. Politicians may think of the emperor¡¯s great achievement of uniting the country; Strategists are amazed by the lineup of the soldiers; Historians find inspirations for their researches; Philosophers and litterateurs observe the lightness of being and gravity of people¡¯s life.

While almost everyone can get their specific bit to digest in the terra-cotta museum, all are taken aback by its great momentum.

At the first sight, you may think all the pottery works are from the same model, but as a matter of fact, each and every warrior is characterized by its own characters. According to different ranks and armed services, the uniform, cap, facial features, beard, hair, and buckle also vary. Taking a closer look at the warriors, you can find all kinds of real people more than 2,000 years ago ¨C be it beautiful, ugly, fat, slim, young or old.

Looking at faces of warriors, you can read all kinds of facial expressions: happy, angry, sad, proud, foxy, or humorous. People¡¯s internal worlds are delicately expressed. Among the soldiers, it¡¯s obvious that there are also a number of ethnic groups.

If you compare terra cotta warriors with ancient Greek and Roman sculptures, you may find its artistic achievements not as impressive, but no one can match the scale and the layout of terra cotta warriors. Altogether, there are more than 8,000 terra cotta objects unearthed, and sheer large number contributes greatly to the magnificence and awe.