Looking at those works at the first sight, impressionism may be the first thing to come to your mind.


The unsophisticated, kind, and often optimistic nature of the peasants is imparted through the strokes of their brushes.


Picturesque in nature, the local people in Huxian have the tradition of drawing the dynamic scenes of their daily life.


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Wild dance

The dragon totem in China was clearly reflected. Several folk artists are doing the traditional dragon dance in this painting.


Autumn of the Great Wall

With very bright and intense colors, this picture fetures the beautiful scene of the Great Wall when the leaves turn red and yellow.


A wife with high craftsmanship

The girl in the picture is a young wife, and doing paper-cut and cat-shaped pillows. On the wall are some paper-cut works she has done, and a real cat was also napping on the chair.


Going back to the mother's parents home

Farmers love to depict this typical cozy family scene: the dad leads a donkey, and the mom sits on it with the little baby on her back, and they are going to child's grandparents home on the mother's side.