Zheng, or Guzheng is a kind of Chinese zither with movable bridges and 16 - 25 strings. It is one of the best-inherited ancient music instruments, and relatively more popular. What's more, Guzheng has been successfully incorporated in a lot of modern music like Chinese rock'n'roll.

Check out the finest Guzheng tunes here.

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Liang Zhu

Butterfly lovers is one of the most famous traditional Chinese melodies. This is the Guzheng edition of the tune.

Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin

"The Moon Stands for My Heart" is famous Chinese pop song originally by Teresa Teng.

Yu Zhou Chang Wan

Late night singing in a fishing boat

Ya Shan Ai

Ya Mountain mourning

Shuo Ju Xin Li Hua

The words from the bottom of my heart

Qing Ren Zhi Ji

Lover and confidant

Nan Wang Jin Xiao

It's hard to forget tonight.

Mu Yang Qu

Herding the sheep song

Lu Zheng

The suite songs of Shandong Province Zheng

Liu Qing Niang

Ladies in Liu Qing

Jiao Chuang Ye Yu

Night rain falling on the window
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