Banhu is mainly an accompanying instrument for various local operas in North China. Its construction is basically the same with Erhu, and the most noticeable difference is that Banhu uses a thick wooden board to cover the soundbox instead of snakeskin.

The timbre of the instrument is clarion and bright, which makes it hard to join other instruments for tutti. Therefore it's usually for solo, and Banhu is especially good at presenting joyful and passionate moods.



Qinqiang Opera theme song

This the Banhu version of the tune. Qinqiang Opera is an ancient local opera in Northwest China's Shaanxi Province. Click here to compare with the Erhu edition.

Huan Qing De Ri Zi

The day to celebrate.

Hua Bang Zi

A typical Banhu tune popular in Hebei Province.

Qin Chuan Xing

Journey to the Guanzhong Plain.

Shan Dong Xiao Qu

Ditty from Shandong Province.

Yue Ya Wu Geng

Crescent before the dawn.

Da Qi Ban

A popular opera tune.

Niao Tou Lin

Birds flying back to the forrest.
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